Sunday, June 24, 2012

Boss King - Murder Verses

1. Pimptro
2. Pain ft. Al Kapone
3. Something Shiny ft. Tomb C, Pride
4. Negativity Sells
5. Gotta Get My Rhymes ft. Koop
6. Reap What U Sow ft. Sixx, P. Drizzle
7. Ghetto's Anthem
8. F*ck U
9. Between Nowhere and Don't Care
10. They Call Me Boss
11. Crash Dummy
12.  Rims Keep On Spinnin' ft. Kelo & Da Crunkstaz
13. Wearin' Yo Welcome Out
14. Good Dope and Liquor ft. K-Rock, P. Drizzle
15. Swangaz ft. Haystak, Guillotine
16. What's Really Goin' On (interview)
17. Murder Verses ft. K-Rino

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